Teaching Kids: Love : سوبر ماما
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صحة الاطفال و الرضع وقايه الاطفال من الامراض ، اكتشاف الامراض عند الاطفال ، الغذاء الصحي للاطفال ، التعامل مع الاطفال، تربية الاطفال ، التعامل مع البيبي حيث الولاده الرضع

Teaching Kids: Love : سوبر ماما

وقايه الاطفال من الامراض ، اكتشاف الامراض عند الاطفال ، الغذاء الصحي للاطفال ، التعامل مع الاطفال، تربية الاطفال ، التعامل مع البيبي حيث الولاده الرضع

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افتراضي Teaching Kids: Love : سوبر ماما

Teaching Kids: Love : سوبر ماما

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, start seeding the gift of love into your children to grow up as sensitive, loving and love-worthy adults.* Love is not something that you will teach in one lesson, it is a process, a lifetime process. Your kid’s first contact with love is at home.

Teaching your kids to love you unconditionally can be a bit of a challenge in itself.* A lot of people simply take the easy way out and bribe little kids thinking that bribes will win them their affections.* Kids are smart and they will try to get away with all they want by any means possible.* So bribes are never the way to go in teaching kids love.* Gifts, not bribes, make it easy for people to connect to each other on an emotional level.* Kids have to learn that the thought of the gift is what counts, not the price tag on it.* Gifts can be more than just a material thing, it can be a gesture, or simply behaving the way mommy likes them to.* Teach your kids the habit of gift giving and receiving: giving gifts from their heart, and receiving gifts gracefully.* Nurture love and affection at every possible occasion.

Kids by nature like rules, boundaries, and consistency.* Kids need you to be tough to do what is right, but you have to be fair for them to love you.* They don’t need you to be a friend, be their parent. Lay down the rules, and enforce them.* If they are broken, there needs to be repercussions, previously set with the rules.* Your kids will love you for this, for making the right path clear for them before they learn to make the right choices by themselves.

Listen to your kids, even if they are not verbally saying what’s on their mind.* At their early age, no one will know them better than you.* Listen to what they have to tell you too.* Sometimes, even for adults, all one needs is someone to listen to what they have to say.* Be the ear that will allow them to spill all their hearts out to.* By listening to them, they will learn to listen to others.* You are not only doing good for your kids, but you are also doing the world a favor; we know how people are always complaining about striving to get their life partners to listen to them, you will give this gift to the world, your kids’ world.* You will* be loved you for this.

Be fun, try to always lead your kids in a fun way.* Be creative in the way you want to relay information to them.* Use their favorite toys to get them to learn something new, like making up a story using their teddy bears, or learning driving rules using their matchbox cars set.* If they want to mimic you in the kitchen, give them something simple to do, like mixing the vegetable in the salad, or give them a cloth to clean the kitchen table.* Raising your kids doesn’t necessarily have to be boring or tedious, add a twist of fun to it, and you will both enjoy and love it.

Stay away from violence.* Because of the overdose of violence in TV that has been slowly creeping into kids shows, try to always set a limit for violence at home.* If you have boys, they usually are more active and probably a little more attracted to violent sports like wrestling and boxing than girls are.* Try to limit this to playing time only, and to a certain degree as well.* Teach your kid that this is a show, or a sport that is viewed or played at certain times only, and not all the times.* Teach them about domestic abuse, and how you don’t hit or spank them to make them behave.* Teach your kids, boys and girls, that they don’t want to grow up to be known as a person that hits people.* They will love and appreciate that you don’t physically hurt them, and they will take it with them at school, the playground, and in life.

Finally be reasonable in dealing with your kids.* Don’t overwhelm them with things that are beyond their understanding.* Give them the confidence they need in their ability to face the world, but don’t overbear them with things that they cannot handle just yet.* The most important aspect of love is to always be there for your loved ones.* Be there, and they will love you forever.

Happy Valentine’s day Supermamas Teaching Kids: Love : سوبر ماما

with love,

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